Scaling Marketing Design at Notion

Big thanks to Charli Marie for chatting with me for 45 whole minutes! We dove deep into topics such as the intricacies of making good product imagery, how to effectively manage design feedback, and why illustration is a core part of the Notion brand. We also touched on some of the systems Notion has put in place to scale marketing design through the challenges of hypergrowth.

There’s a surprising dearth of content on the internet about marketing design. I find product and brand design get talked about frequently, but the marketing side gets skipped over. Maybe it’s because marketing tends to be about promoting things that already exist, not making entirely new products. It’s not quite as shiny.

I’ll be the first to admit that 75% of marketing is about following best practices. But after spending 3 years designing landing pages and optimizing CTAs I’ve also uncovered much more. There’s a large chunk of marketing work that can be truly innovative and blur the lines between where marketing ends and where product begins. This interview touches on that space.